How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Cards

How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Cards: A Comprehensive Summary

How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Cards

The uses of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are increasing day by day. More and more organizations are welcoming it as a medium of payment. These coins are also becoming increasingly mainstream, with investors searching for new and creative approaches to expand their portfolios. Perhaps you are pondering that it’s an ideal opportunity to enter into the crypto game. However, what is a perfect method to purchase cryptocurrencies? The answer is that if you need to buy Bitcoin, a credit card is probably the most effortless way. Let’s take a look, How to buy bitcoin with credit cards?

We can make a wide range of purchases through credit cards. Nowadays, it’s getting a lot simpler to buy Bitcoin with such types of instruments. Several anti-fraud companies have taken different initiatives to relieve the issue of chargebacks. Now an ever-increasing number of exchanges permit credit cards as an authentic payment alternative. In this article, we’ll highlight how to buy Bitcoin with credit cards.


Cryptocurrency, a digital form of money, is an elegant idea. It is a decentralized currency, and that’s why there is no central monitoring authority. There is a wide range of such digitalized money, but Bitcoin is the most popular one.

Cryptocurrency permits you to make online trade anonymously without the attachment of any third party. Through Blockchain technology, its members can easily access to the record room of all transactions within its network.


Can you buy Bitcoin using your credit cards?

How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Cards

The answer is yes though it’s not as straightforward as other credit card transactions. You need to come across a platform named an exchange, and you can interchange your real-world money with Bitcoins here. But there is a potential threat in this system. Many organizations are merely frauds, and their main business is to hack your credit card information. So it would be best if you only go through the exchanges that you’ve carefully investigated.



Pros and cons of buying Bitcoin using a credit card:

Everything has both positive and negative sides. If you make your mind buy Bitcoin with your credit card, you may face some advantages and disadvantages. These are as follows:


  • You need not face any third party.
  • The process is straightforward.
  • You don’t need cash transactions.
  • Spending money with the credit card, you can grab the opportunities offered by the card authorities.


  • You have the risk of losing your credit card information.
  • It may cost you more.
  • You may need to bear transaction fees.

How to buy Bitcoin with credit cards

Though buying Bitcoin with credit cards was a little tough earlier, several exchanges have come forward. As a result, now it has become simple to buy Bitcoin with credit cards. A lot of agencies are rendering their service in this regard.

However, the following discussion will show you how to buy Bitcoin with credit cards safely and comfortably.

Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more with trust


Coinbase is the most prominent Bitcoin merchant around the world. It has more than 30 million clients worldwide. Coinbase imposes a 3.99% processing fee on all credit card exchanges and is available in more than a hundred countries. If you purchase more than $100 worth of Bitcoins, you will get an extra $10 Bitcoin reward.

You need to have a Coinbase account for making the purchase of Bitcoin with a credit card. To link your credit card with Coinbase, you have to go under your identity verification through uploading a government-provided ID.



Bitpanda is an Austria based crypto trading exchange. It has got a specialty in selling and buying of Bitcoin around Europe. Paul Klanschek, Eric Demuth, and Christian Trummer founded it in late 2014. It has around one million users and one hundred eighty team members. Bitpanda has now become one of the best options to buy Bitcoin within the Eurozone.

Bitpanda provides you with opportunities to buy Bitcoin and a wide range of other cryptocurrencies with credit cards.

The company strongly believes in the creative power of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and digitalized assets. Bitpanda aims at breaking down all the obstacles to investment. Both beginners and experts feel comfortable with this platform. The organization has extended now its service to permit clients to invest in valuable metals (silver, gold) too.

I want to buy Bitcoin

“I want to buy Bitcoin” permits you to buy Bitcoin using a credit card. It is a smooth and inexpensive method that can quickly meet your demand.

The purchase of Bitcoin through iwanttobuyBitcoin is excessively straightforward. You can make an account here within three minutes. After creating an account, select the amount of your required Bitcoin and give your wallet address and payment information. After hitting the “submit” button, the currency will be visible in your crypto wallet within 15 to 20 minutes.

Transaction fees in “i want to buy Bitcoin” rely on the volume of transactions. However, you have to pay comparatively less here.

Founded in London in 2013, is one of the earliest cryptocurrency brokers. The agency runs operations almost everywhere in the world, which also includes 24 states of America.

Page 4 | Royalty-free cash photos free download | Pxfuel provides you with a lot of trading features. You can make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies here with various trades. The site includes four levels of authentication. These are basic, verified, corporate, and verified plus.

To buy Bitcoin with credit cards, you only need a basic account. Clients can finance the account with credit cards, make withdrawals, and make an immediate purchase with a credit card. Most agencies don’t offer such facilities.

Though higher charges may apply, an instant buy is the fastest method to purchase Bitcoin with credit cards through Instant buys may cost you a fee of 7%. But in other cases, you have to pay less.

More than 700,000 users worldwide now use, and it falls under some most robust financial regulations. So, you can remain sure of your safety and privacy.


Paybis provides a variety of payment procedures to make the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and five other digitalized currencies. You can make use of credit cards or other payment techniques to purchase Bitcoins legitimately on Paybis. Also, the exchange aims at giving the clients a safe and secure platform for trading with continuous support.

The story of Paybis began in 2014. From then on, it has become a global market place, and over 200,000 clients have gotten its smooth service worldwide. Since its opening, it has successfully done more than 200,000 transactions.

Paybis follows a different technique to charge trading fees. The process is distinct from those of many other cryptocurrency agencies, as Paybis has several payment methods. Moreover, The amount of fees depends on the way you use to make a purchase. You need the registration and verification process to start with Paybis.



Coinmama is a Slovakia based crypto broker exchange, but an Israeli corporation named New Bit Ventures Ltd. owns it.  Established in 2013, it runs the business in 188 nations, including 23 states of America. More than 2,100,000 people of these countries have bought Bitcoin here.

Coinmama represents considerable authority in buying Bitcoin through credit cards since 2013. It charges a 5.9% premium fee each time when you purchase Bitcoin with credit cards. If you are a verified Coinmama account holder, you can procure up to $1 million worth of Bitcoin. Consequently, each client can spend 5000 US Dollars (USD) daily and 20,000 USD monthly.

To buy Bitcoin with a credit card here, you have to go through verification. Besides, It implies that you require the submission of your details to make an account. These details include your name, country, email address, etc.


IndaCoin permits its clients worldwide to purchase Bitcoin with credit cards. It is a UK-based leading Bitcoin trading agency. You can buy a minimum of $50 worth of Bitcoin here, and for the first week, your limit is $500. Fourteen days later, your limit will rise to $2,000, and after one month, you will have no barrier for transactions.

To use your credit card for buying purposes, you have to go through verification. However, the process is simple, and it will require your phone number and five-digit code on your credit card statement.



Earning money from the crypto industry has become easy now. More and more people are getting interested in this sector. Those who are experts are leading in this arena. But for beginners, it’s a little bit tough. Sometimes they find difficulties in finding out how to start and where to start. Once they get the track, they do everything to become successful. However, this article will show them the path to start trading with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In fact, If they get the entry pass, they will ultimately know how to buy Bitcoin with credit cards easily and quickly. It will help them run their business and make a profit in the shortest possible time. However, Coinbase is best for purchasing bitcoin with credit cards.

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